These are all the interesting and unusual projects that are difficult to categorize. Most came about from a client who had a problem without a clear solution, requiring us to pull from all our knowledge and experience. They tend to require a broader skill set and we really enjoy meeting the challenges these projects present.

Wolcott Camera

Exact copy of the first camera designed and made in America (1839). Unlike any other camera, it uses a convex mirror as a lens much like a Newtonian telescope.

Arnold produced the plans from extensive photographs taken of the original camera and used historic techniques to construct the replica. Made from a single board of Mahogany and we also fabricated the metal plate holder.

Lincoln Box

A reliquary to house, preserve, and display the Hesler interpositive of Abraham Lincoln. The cabinet covers and protects the image; opening the hinged doors activates backlighting to reveal the portrait of Lincoln. Lower drawer stores the images’ documentation.